Monday, April 6, 2009

Saturday Walk

On Saturday I headed up to the top of the hill. I’m almost embarrassed to say this is the first time I’ve been up on this visit. But I picked a perfect day. I walked out Tehri Road, up through Oakville Estate, and on to Sisters’ Bazaar. I had a shopping list of a few items I wanted to get at Prakash’s.

The weather has been off-and-on cloudy since we arrived but Saturday was sunny and bright. Instead of beging covered with haze, the snows were out in all their glory. I took too many photos; this one is the best of Bandar Poonch.

I walked from Prakash’s store around both back chukkers (roads that go around the north side of the hill, so the snows are in view much of the time). It was a good long walk for me and I was happy to see Char Dukan come into view. This is a small group of shops close to St. Paul’s Church. It’s been traditional to have a “bun omelet” here – a two-egg omelet (with our without onion and chilies) with a slightly sweet bun. Add ketchup and it makes a great lunch.

After eating I took the front chukker paths back to Sisters Bazaar and headed down the old Zig-Zag path. It all took about three and a half hours and I was stiff and sore but happy.

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