Friday, April 3, 2009

Dinner with the Principal

Last evening Dr. Laurenson invited staff who are new this semester for dinner at his house. I was included as I just began working here as a volunteer in March. Most of the new staff appear to be younger than my two children (so what’s new?). Kirsten’s father joined and became principal of Woodstock after we left in 1980. She and the others (including several new nurses at the health center) bring a wonderful variety of experiences to the school. We had a delicious meal including home-baked dinner rolls (I managed to restrain myself to only one).

Since I am staying in the Quad, the walk down to the Principal’s house was very easy – just over 100 stairsteps that have been improved since I last took them. Because security issues here have changed (as they have world-wide), there is a gate with a lock at the level of the road. All the quad campus entrances are lockable and the front gate is staffed around the clock. When I was ready to leave, Dr. L. offered to walk me up to unlock the gate, saving me the walk around to the main gate. When we arrived at the road, the gate was still open, so he locked it behind me and I was soon back in my comfortable apartment.

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