Friday, April 10, 2009

Quarter Break

Quarter break began Thursday afternoon at 2:30. Staff and students headed off in all directions – Delhi, hiking in the mountains, Rajaji Wildlife Park near Hardwar, and Yamnotri, to name just a few. As Dan is arriving back from his trip on Saturday, I’m staying here. It is Easter weekend and we may be able to visit with some friends who will be staying near Christ Church between Kulri and Library Bazaars.

Last Sunday afternoon was the all-school Easter service in Parker Hall. The place was packed full with all students, staff, and some hillside friends. Although I expected to be cold in the balcony, it was very hot and stuffy. Students were standing all around the edge. IT was a very active service with Bible readings, songs by various groups, dancing and celebrating. Following the service, dinner was served in the Quad. The kitchen staff set up three serving lines and small circles of chairs covering the entire place. It was a fun and festive evening.

Now Friday morning, it is very quiet in the Quad. About half the students are gone, and of course there are no classes. Later I’ll wander into the bazaar and hope the monkeys don’t drag my clean laundry off the clothesline on my balcony while I’m gone. It looks like a gorgeous day.

Students are due back in the dorms by Monday evening. Tuesday morning tables will be set up in the Quad for parent-teacher conferences and classes will begin after lunch. And a restful break will probably be soon forgotten.

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