Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Camel's Back Road

Saturday Dan and I took a long walk into the bazaar, around Camel’s Back Road, back on the Mall Road, and home through Kulri and Landour Bazaars, picking up what supplies we needed on the way back.

The bazaar is no pleasant place to walk these days, with many tourists, far too many cars, all of them honking madly and trying to drive too fast. Fortunately, Camel’s Back Road was beautiful and quiet. You can see the camel-shaped rock for which it is named in the picture above. It was a very warm day. As we came around from Kulri, we saw Bandar Punch, “our” mountain, peeking up at a different angle than we usually see it.

As we got further around we saw the snows to the east as well. Spring is here and there were many flowers blooming along the way. Here are a few I saw. The yellow roses were outside the Kulri Methodist Church.

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