Sunday, March 16, 2014

Waitomo to Rotorua

I was very disappointed to open up the blog today and find my post from yesterday completely missing. I had lots of photos! I will try to recreate it after I get this one up.

Today (Sunday) we traveled from the Waitomo area to Rotorua, a well-known destination for its thermal waters and adventurer tours. The rain finally came during the night and we had more off and on during the two-hour-plus drive. The scenery wasn't much different than some we saw yesterday, rolling hills with lots of sheep and cattle. The rain made picture-taking difficult.

Our motel here is much nicer than the one in Waitomo. It is really hard to tell what to expect online, even with the TripAdvisor site and all the reviews it hosts. After checking in, we went downtown to find some lunch and see what the area is like. The downtown is quite large, with shops, restaurants, and other businesses filling perhaps 12 square block or so. We were looking for a Thai restaurant, but the first one was closed. The second one was, thankfully, open. We had spring rolls and our fallback Thai dishes, Pad Thai for Dan and Pad See Yew for me.

After lunch, we drove to a point on Lake Rotorua. I tried to photograph the heavy waves, but they didn't turn out. An attraction there is the black swans, of which there were many. I did manage this one shot showing two of them with dozens of little ones. How many cygnets do they have at one time? It is hard to see them here, but all those little black dots are babies.

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