Friday, March 21, 2014

Visit in Opotiki

We had a wonderful visit with our friend Sally Kibblewhite. She and her late husband David were teachers at Woodstock School with us in the 1970s. They bought a property near the coast, southeast from Rotorua. David was a master gardener. He and Sally planted a forest of eucalyptus trees, more than two dozen olive trees, other fruits, and avocados, and built their retirement home there.

On Wednesday we took a drive down the southeastern coast, about an hour and a half each way. Along the way we stopped at a macadamia farm for a cup of coffee/tea. The coast was unendingly beautiful, and the hills inland were never far away.

Thursday morning we headed back north to Auckland. We are looking forward to a Woodstock gathering at an Indian restaurant on Friday evening. We board our cruise ship on Saturday and we won't have an internet connection much of the time, so posts will be a bit sporadic.

Lemon trees

View from house; Bay of Plenty in the distance

Weka, flightless bird just larger than kiwi

Vegetable garden, fenced from rabbits

Olive trees

"Selfie" of the three of us

View on coastal drive
Cafe at macadamia farm

Small Maori church

Guacamole from the ample, delicious avoids

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