Monday, October 26, 2009

This past weekend was a big one here at Woodstock. Saturday was Worldwide Woodstock Day with celebrations all around the world. Here in Mussoorie a staff member’s daughter was married, with the reception in the Quad, and the evening brought an alumni barbecue at the Criders’ home. Sunday we spent with friends on the other side of the bazaar – Happy Valley and the Company Garden.

The wedding was held at the Central Methodist Church in Kulri Bazaar. The bride is the daughter of a current staff member, Anju Singh, who is the food and housekeeping manager of the Hanifl Center. Her husband, Sunder, a long-time school employee, passed away last year. The bride’s grandfather was Austin Singh, a fixture in the business office for many years. It was a lovely wedding followed by a huge dinner at the Quad. It was good for us to see many old friends from long ago.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you more about the barbecue.

Dan with Tom and Steve Alter outside the church

Rajiv, uncle of the bride, with his family

The inside of the church was beautifully decorated

Bride and groom greeting people outside the church after the ceremony

The Quad decorated and ready for the crowd to appear

The wedding cake (fruitcake, as is common here)

A view of people in the Quad from the balcony above

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