Wednesday, October 28, 2009

After our big day on Saturday, our friends Anju and Sandeep picked us up about 11:00 on Sunday for a trip to the western end of Mussoorie. It had been many years since we had visited the “Company Garden” and my memories of it were of a very run-down place with not that much garden to brag about. But the state of Uttarakhand is very conscious of tourism, one of its principal sources of income. It has been spruced up with flowers, fountains, rides, and of course many souvenir and food shops.

Following a cup of tea and some pakoras at the garden, we headed on down to Happy Valley and the Tibetan settlement. There is now a road to a small parking area quite near the temple. It is a beautiful and serene place. Above the parking lot is a path that leads to the top of a small hill where many prayer flags are flying in the wind.

After our visit to the temple and the flag hill, we stopped by the staff canteen to have some mo-mos, Tibetan steamed chicken dumplings.

Garden pathway

Begonia greenhouse

View of Happy Valley from the garden

Outside of the temple

Inside of the temple (picture of Dalai Lama to right)

Preparing for a special day

Large prayer wheel outside temple

View of the flag hill (not the one near Woodstock)

Flags on the way up

Masses of flags at the top

Closeup of one flag

Plaque in the canteen

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