Thursday, October 8, 2009

Back Side of Kulri

There is a side road that diverges from the main Kulri Bazaar road at Picture Palace. If you turn left and head down, you come to the old Delhi Sweet Shop. If you turn left but bear right, you head up the back side of the Kulri hill. On a recent bazaar visit, we were eager to get away from the congestion and traffic in the main bazaar and took the old back road. It is possible to take vehicles on the road now, but it is much less traveled and more pleasant than going through the bazaar. Mussoorie is full of new or refurbished modern hotels. But there are still plenty of the older ones, such as the one shown below.

Another older hotel with a misspelled sign (anntina). And in the background, an electric pole with orderly wires(!).

This new construction is near the top of the hill where an old Christian bookstore had been in disrepair for many years. We don't know what it will be yet.

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