Friday, October 9, 2009


Today is Friday, and it’s the all-school Sports Day at Hanson Field. I’ve been told that the support offices such as ours are open even though classes are cancelled. That means I have a good excuse for not walking all the way down to (and back up from) Hanson Field. I recently learned that Robert M. Hanson, for whom the field is named, has his own Wikipedia entry.

Robert Hanson

Although it says he grew up in India, Woodstock School isn’t mentioned – we need to change that! And I wonder if his wrestling coach was Ted Mumby. Seems likely.

Below are a few animal photos that I’ve taken randomly.

This huge katydid was sitting on the stairway from the Quad up to our office.

There are dogs all over the place here. I don’t think most of them are family pets, but they are used to being around people. Here are a few lounging just below the Landour Community Hospital.

And the obligatory langur, waiting around to scare rhesus monkeys away from the students on their way to and from school. I just can’t get enough of these guys! They're beautiful.

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