Thursday, February 23, 2017


One thing that is always interesting when traveling is the names given to hotels, restaurants, etc. I've seen a number of internet sites that specialize in photos of signs in garbled English from various countries. I've been collecting photos of hotels and hostels that seem (to me) to be interesting and unusual, so here are a few of them.

Absolute Hostel is right across the street from us. They advertise "Absobloody tours." Australian focus, maybe?

Paan Park Raak is right next door to our place. It is a new hostel since last year.

This is also on our street. I wonder what Big & O stands for? And there is probably a House 1 somewhere.

I walk by this place on my way to IDI Massage School as well as to my Tai Chi class. It's the only place I've seen with roti on the menu that isn't just a stall on the street.

We pass by Cassowary on our way walking home from the Saturday Walking Street Market. It looks pretty upscale.

Cozy is a coffee shop/cafe that we've walked by many times but never noticed until our daughter and son-in-law discovered it for breakfast.

This sign is on the main moat road pointing down a dead-end lane that has these two hotels on it.

Another hostel right on the main road. 500 Baht is about $14, not bad for a private room.

This coffee shop has two entrances -- one on the main road and one on the soi (alley) where the Mind and Body Healing School is located (my Tai Chi class). 

Another new one in our neighborhood, just around the corner. Most of these hostels are very small, not much larger than private homes. There are so many backpackers that come through here; the majority seem to be European.

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