Saturday, February 18, 2017

It's Saturday!

Last week I posted about the big truck blocking the alley for the house that is being renovated. Later as I passed it, I saw that the door and wall are nicely decorated.

One evening this week we walked into the old city to Baan Nana. This is a restaurant and hostel and we've always enjoyed our food there.

Cashew chicken with vegetables

Penang chicken
We have frequently gone to the Saturday Night Walking Market near us and picked up food to bring home to eat. This week we decided not to go there, but to just go to the Chiang Mai Gate Plaza, which turns into a food court every evening. Tonight the traffic everywhere was heavy, as to be expected when Wua Lai Road is closed for the market (it's a major thoroughfare).

We went to a booth that makes Pad Thai to order, then got a seat at one of the many small tables. Here is a view looking across to the roof of the Chiang Mai Market.

Although we had already ordered, there was a menu on our table for a different booth. I don't know if you can read it, but it says:

Paste of rice flour (twice), Pork noodles, Noodle machine, and Ekaehla. On the other side it said:  Pork porridge, Pork egg porridge, Boiled pork, Rice machine, and Boiled fish. Your guess is as good as mine as to what these things are.

Across the way we could see the KFC Fried Chicken booth -- oops, I mean KFG. Yes, that is a 7-11 store behind it.

This lovely young woman was clearing things from the tables.

Here is one of the two Pad Thai dishes we had. I wish I were better at chopsticks, but I managed.

As we headed home, we passed a booth that was selling lots of fried snacks. We got these cheese balls that came with a nice little salad.

And a banana spring roll. The question was: "Do you want it drizzled with chocolate?" There is only one answer to a question like that!

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