Monday, February 13, 2017

Another Week

The smoke pollution has started up in Chiang Mai. It is due to massive crop-burning going on all over Southeast Asia and China. We are told it will be bad through March. Dan and I both have 3-M masks to help with the pollution when we are out. Sinuses are clogged; antihistamines give some relief.

Friday as I walked to my class, this butterfly followed me for a while. It finally landed on an old tire along the road and I got a shot. The poor thing has lost part of its right wing.

I posted a few times about the new building along the way. Here is one of the workers taking away the wheelbarrow on his scooter. He was happy that I wanted his photo.

When I got to the soi (alley) where I turn off the main road toward the Mind and Body Healing School there were some traffic cones closing it off. As I turned, I saw why. These roads are not very big and this was a big truck. There is some remodeling of a home going on and it appeared this truck was cleaning out the storm drain under the road. I was able to squeeze by.

Saturday evening we went back to the Walking Street Market. I wanted to pick up another cotton top like one I got a few weeks ago -- very cool and comfortable if not terribly attractive. I noticed that this place haste spirit houses, with plenty of offerings. We stopped by the artists' area and told them that the painting we had ordered was delivered to my sister in Indianapolis a few days before. I think they understood us...

For Sunday lunch we decided to revisit the River Market restaurant, where we went with Anjali and Domingos in early January. The view over the river is lovely and there was a nice breeze.

There are two kitchen areas that open right onto the dining area.

We had to repeat the Son-in-Law Eggs that we'd had before. The eggs are lightly fried, so they are a bit crusty, and are topped with caramelized onions.

This time Dan had the Penang Short Rib Curry and said it was delicious. The meat just fell off the bone.

I had the eggplant tapenade with barbecued shrimp, which was also very good. Each dollop of eggplant had a cashew on it and was topped with a grilled shrimp.

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