Monday, February 27, 2017

Miscellaneous Things Along the Way

I take a lot of photos, many of which don't end up in my blog. I have quite a collection, some of which I'll share with you today and, probably, in one more post. I leave for Seoul on Wednesday to spend some time with my daughter and her husband. I'll arrive home in Goshen on March 10. Dan is moving to a more modest place and will continue playing pickle ball, having massages, and studying the Thai language until the end of April.

All of these photos were taken during my walk to and from Tai Chi class daily -- almost a mile each way, mostly along the moat road.

These pickups have loudspeakers that are blasting advertisements as they roll along the street. It's a common sight and sound, but there aren't usually so many together.

Two years ago, when we first stayed in Chiang Mai, a new pedestrian bridge was being built over the moat. It now looks as if it had been there forever and the plants along the sides are beautiful.

Looking at the bridge from a distance, you can hardly see the wood for the plants.

This hardy bush is growing out of a small hole in the sidewalk near the corner. The shop behind it was the Baan Bakery for the past two years. When we arrived this year, it was an Italian restaurant. That closed rather soon after we were here and now The Family Cafe has opened. The Baan Bakery moved closer to our place, has delicious baked goods, especially croissants and Danish, and smells wonderful every time I walk past.

A new hostel called Haus opened close to one of our favorite places, the Blues Pub. It doesn't look very big, but by the number of shoes on the outside, there must be quite a few backpackers staying there.

This lovely tree is growing out over the moat. I see it nearly every day, but one day its wonderful shape just jumped out at me.

Another restaurant, this one close to IDI Massage School, where I go regularly (for massage, not for school). We ate there for lunch one day last year and it was OK. When we arrived, it was closed and they've been working on the interior most of the two months. It reopened about a week ago, and there are many scooters parked in front at lunchtime.

I like this little pickup truck on a scooter. It seems safer to drive than the usual ones that have the cargo space on the side.

The building we've been watching transform an empty space is nearing completion. Over the weekend they were installing a septic system, digging a large hole with a small backhoe.

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