Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mullumbimby, continued

Following our visit to the animal sanctuary, we went to the Elephant Rock Cafe, as recommended by Marti. We shared a delicious caesar salad wrap and a dessert labeled "Austrian apple and sour cream." It was wonderful, and not too sweet, the tart apples were just right.

The Elephant Rock itself is in the bay but the view is spoiled by the huge clubhouse/restaurant built into its side. So I took a picture of the beach instead. There are people swimming there, but the clouds don't bode well. In fact, it rained on our ride home.

We ordered a gourmet pizza for dinner. It included pineapple, pancetta, basil, pickled chillies, and more. Absolutely delicious.

At last, a photo of our gracious host, Marti, with her son Dominic. So nice to be catching up with Marti 43 years after her graduation from Woodstock!

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