Thursday, April 3, 2014

Arrival in Sydney

This morning we docked early in Sydney Harbor. It was still almost dark when we stepped out onto the veranda and saw this sight--the famous Opera House with the sun rising behind it.

When we got off the ship, we spotted our friend Andy Alter waiting for us. We took a taxi to his home, not too far away. Great to get settled and catch up. Andy was kind to drive us to the airport to pick up our rental car.

After getting back on the internet with a fast speed and free service (to us, anyway), we went for a ferry ride. Well, actually, about five ferry rides. They go all over the harbor and we saw much of it. We had lunch at a delightful cafe called Thelma and Louise at the first stop. The next ferry took us to Circular Quay, the downtown city stop, where we changed to yet another. It took us a much longer distance where we got off near a beach and had some drinks at a restaurant. I took many photos, but most aren't close enough to show much. Here is a selection.

Harbor Bridge

Homes along the water

Our ship with Harbor Bridge in background taken from ferry terminal

The Opera House in the afternoon
Tomorrow morning Dan is going with Andy to his university to sit in on his Indian music class. I'll stay here and probably do some laundry. In the afternoon we'll be heading north.

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  1. What a beautiful start to a wonderful day. The magic of travel, new places, and old friends is hard to beat.


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