Saturday, April 12, 2014

Friday in Armidale

We are enjoying getting reacquainted with former Woodstock students and staff that we haven't seen for a long time. Here we are staying with Berenice and her family. They have a lovely large acreage on the edge of town. We've been told to expect kangaroos and wallabies around in the mornings, but they haven't come yet.

Berenice and her son Sebastian took us on a tour of the area, known as the Northern Tablelands. Our first stop was The Armidale School, a highly respected boys' boarding school where Berenice's husband Tim teaches and Sebastian attends. It was beautiful and very reminiscent of the British-style schools.

Next we went to the small town of Uralla. We visited a fine used bookstore and found another of Shute's books that I am missing. After a cup of tea/coffee and a stop at a former mill that is now a small museum, we headed out into the country. This is a fairly dry area with lots of cattle and sheep. We found the Dangars Falls picnic area after winding around on a gravel road. Unfortunately, there was no water in the falls at this time, but the gorge was beautiful anyway. Along the way we saw a lovely small church (occasional concerts are held there) and the War Memorial to the Unknown Soldier. It is on the property of a family who lost multiple sons in WWI. A stop at a local winery finished off the excursion.

Picnicking at the gorge

Looking across the gorge

After a rest in the afternoon, we were joined by Andrew and Frances. It was fun to see both of them again, Frances after several years and Andrew just after a week! A mini-Woodstock reunion in Armidale.

Andrew and Frances
Tim, Berenice and Sebastian
Sebastian performing on his trombone after dinner
Today we head off to Wagga Wagga with a stop at Dubbo. Love these names!!

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