Monday, April 14, 2014

Armidale to Wagga Wagga via Dubbo

We left Armidale on Saturday morning and headed for Dubbo. We do love these Australian names! Dubbo is halfway to our next destination, Wagga Wagga, where we are staying with a friend Dan met when he attended Landour Language School back in 2007. Each leg of the drive was about 5 to 6 hours, long enough for us these days.

We saw many signs to watch out for kangaroos and koalas, but as we were traveling in the middle of the day, none were moving. The rural mailboxes were interesting -- they look like small oil drums mounted sideways. We finally managed to stop and get a photo of one.

We stayed at the Cattleman's Country Motel in Dubbo. Right across the street was a Thai restaurant, where Dan had his usual Pad Thai dish. It was plated beautifully.

On Sunday we headed on towards Wagga. We stopped at this small country store for some coffee and tea. The towns along the way were mostly not large enough to have a proper coffee shop.

We did find a nice place for brunch along the way. To get to the ladies' room, I had to go outside and down this narrow alleyway to get to it.

Gracie greeted us on arrival at Ann's house. She is a poodle, fairly high-strung, but very nice and gentle.

I tried a selfie of the three of us, but it's not that great!

Monday we went to a nearby town, Junee, to visit a licorice and chocolate factory. It is housed in a former flour mill, that is half brick and half tin.

This picture shows the licorice coming out of the tube from the cooker and going through the extrusion process. The cords of licorice are about a half-inch across.

The licorice then moves to the next room on the conveyor belt, where it goes through the "guillotine" to be cut into small pieces.

Unfortunately, they didn't make chocolate there, so I have no pictures of that. But they do sell it!

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