Monday, September 26, 2011

Writing Workshop

Some of my faithful readers may remember my many posts on last fall's Mussoorie Writers' Festival. This year's gathering is a bit smaller, and will take place on October 5-6. It will be more of a roundtable than a festival; details are here.

Last week we were treated to a preview with author Merryn Glover Appleby. Merryn is a 1987 graduate of Woodstock. She was in my son's class in elementary school, and is a published writer of short stories and plays. Read more here. On Thursday she worked with high school and lower school students, reading from her writing and talking about the process. After school she gave an open seminar, billed as a writing workshop. At first I said I wouldn't go, I'm not a writer, but then I decided that it might be helpful for me. More than a dozen staff and a few students showed up. She read us a story and then had us write for two minutes beginning "I remember..." It was excellent and inspiring. After we wrote we each talked about how we did it. It ranged from going full blast on one topic to so many ideas flitting inside that the person couldn't decide which to choose. It was excellent and inspiring.

Merryn reading


More participants

Merryn & Namgay, student journalist

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