Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Moving In

By Monday morning most of the school board members had left and the guest apartment we are to stay in was vacated. Sunday evening we packed up our suitcases (a bit lighter now, having delivered some of the gifts and school items we brought along). Monday Dan arranged for a car to meet him at Suncliff (well, as close as possible, still leaving a rocky path to traverse carrying the bags). We were able to get into the apartment by the end of the day, around 4:30 or so. It was nicely cleaned and set up and we were happy to settle back into it. Today (Tuesday) we will get our trunks out of the attic and then we'll have our Indian clothes and household items that we leave here.

This photo is the stairway to the third floor of the Quad. The apartment is where our dear friend Diana Biswas lived for many years, and visitors still call it "Mrs. Biswas's place." There is also a third level across the Quad where the music rooms and some Lower School rooms are; elsewhere the buildings are two floors. (The Health Center was on the top floor there for many years. The sick students who could actually make it all the way up probably weren't terribly sick!)

Dining area and kitchen (quite roomy!)

Living room area

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