Wednesday, September 21, 2011


It is late afternoon on Wednesday here. Many of you are just starting the day. My day began with three Skype calls -- two for WOSA-NA business and one with my son. Amazing to talk to (and see!) people across the world.

Today was a teacher in-service day for all staff. Students had the day off -- it was supposed to be a fair-weather holiday but announcing it ahead of time lacked the excitement of waking up to find there were no classes. In the past, as the monsoon was ending and people were despairing of ever seeing the sun again, a bright day would dawn, the Principal would get up and decide it was the day. We have fond memories of day hikes and other special activities on an unplanned day in the middle of a busy life.

This afternoon a special tea was put on for the staff. Many were sitting outside in the Tea Garden under the Lyre Tree.

Monica and Neva from our office were admiring the beautiful baby.

Administrators and teachers relaxing

Choice of tea or coffee; unusual in the afternoon

Sandwiches, samosas, and gulab jamans on a nearby table. Who needs supper after that?

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