Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ladies' Rooms

If you have not spent any time in India, you may find this post a bit strange. You need to know that topics that are taboo in most western societies often come up in ordinary conversations here. The frequency and variety of intestinal distress symptoms are discussed quite casually. With the addition of water purifiers in all staff homes, it appears to me that dysentery is not nearly as frequent as it was back in the 1970s. (In fact, I've only been sick here twice in the past several years, and Dan not at all.)

When we were here on staff, there was one ladies' room available at the Quad level (not counting student toilets in the elementary classroom areas). It opened right onto the Quad and impatient female staff members could occasionally be seen waiting to get in.

One of the renovations that was done about ten years ago included removing that room and building a three-cubicle ladies' room at the back of the Quad. A great improvement! The pictures below are meant for old-timers who remember how it used to be (!)

"New" stairs and purified water fountain where old ladies' room was

Stairs and entry on left to staff dining room and ICT (formerly music offices and internal wooden stairway)

Gents and Ladies rooms in back of Quad; the office on the far right is Mr. Chopel's, who handles passports, visas, and foreign registrations.

Looking down in front of Mr. Chopel's office is the back entrance to the Health Centre

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