Monday, October 3, 2016


We had a busy weekend! We will need to get our passports renewed as soon as we get home, so one thing we need is new pictures. It is cheaper here than at home, so Saturday we planned a bazaar trip to have our photos taken. There are new rules since the last time we did it — the size has changed and we learned that on Nov. 1 this year glasses must be removed. Dan took the scooter in and I walked, with the plan for me to take a taxi back.

Between Springview and the hospital a car full of young men drove by, with one of them brandishing a small pistol out of the window and pointing it at people. I am quite sure it was a toy, but it looked real enough and quite frightened me. There was a Woodstock School boy walking behind me and I turned to him and asked him if he saw it, too. That started quite a long conversation as he walked with me most of the way. He is a freshman, Indian boy, but living in Dubai. He was quite interested in what it was like long ago and I quite enjoyed chatting with him about things that are the same and those that are different. He left me at a salon where he was due to have a haircut. It passed the time quite well and I had a good time. The one thing he couldn’t agree with me on was the food — he was convinced it is absolutely terrible, even though in truth it is not bad. I told him that every boarding school student feels the same way as he does.

I met Dan at the Mussoorie Heritage Centre just behind the Clock Tower site. We had a good visit with Surbhi, daughter of Vinod, who runs the Centre. They have many interesting old photos on display and sell a variety of handicrafts made right around here. She told us about the plan for the Clock Tower, which was taken down several years ago. A WS alumnus wanted to renovate it and when they got inside, found it so decayed that it had to be removed. Since then the project has been stuck in political wrangling, but it appears that the final rebuilding has been approved. The hole for the foundation closes off the road to the left, which heads toward Wynberg Allen School and is one of the bypass roads to get out of the bazaar traffic. 

We went into the Glamour Photo shop, which is only about 6-7 feet wide. It has three rooms, with the one in the rear having the photo area. We both had our pictures taken and ordered 20 copies. They will come in handy if we need to apply for any visas in the next few years. The proprietor said they will be ready on Monday.

Next we went into the Golden Restaurant, one of our long-time favorites. They have a newly printed menu but mostly the same food. We started with paneer pakoras, then had aloo zeera (potatoes with cumin seed, dry) and channa dal (chickpeas in curry gravy). The fresh tandoori rotis were great! The total was about $7, so food isn’t quite as cheap here as it once was.

So which of the 4 numbers should I call for delivery?

Paneer Pakoras

Bill with the usual fennel seeds and sugar crystals
(Dhai actually is dahi - yogurt)

I decided that I was up for the walk back to school rather than getting a taxi, so Dan took off to order our taxi for Sunday. By the time I got to the top of Mullingar Hill I was quite tired, but managed to make it the rest of the way. I spent some time resting at home, feeling exhausted.

New hotel facade - including astroturf decor

Tiny garage along road

Downed electric pole; it must have been there for some time

Monkey family

Jacob's Ladder, steps from school gate to high school building

In the evening we went back into the bazaar with our friends Darab and Naz. Darab drove us in his car and parked just below the Clock Tower. We walked down to the Little Llama Cafe, located just above Union Church. This cafe was open for the first time when we were here last year and it is a very popular spot with WS students and staff. Their pizzas are quite good and most of their things are western rather than Indian.

Hot dog with fries


Chicken burger with fries

Dan and Amriq - Ajit's brother from Toronto

Ajit and his sister

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  1. Thank you again for an interesting set of pics and a well described visit at Woodstock and environs. I always look forward to this time in your lives when you visit Mussoorie each year.


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