Saturday, October 8, 2016

Last Full Week

This past week students from grade 5 up and most staff were away for activity week. The younger students were here, but did many day trips around the area.

I was able to finish up most of the work I've been doing. I've turned over the research for the history book to the Principal and the new Director of Alumni Affairs. They will need to find a writer for the next phase. I feel like I've accomplished a lot, but that there is still a lot to be done. I've also been proofreading copy for the alumni magazine and updating the school's Wikipedia entry.

Thursday was the last day in the office for Lauri, head of the alumni office. Because it was the last day with a good number of us there, they had a farewell party for me. We had fresh hot samosas (yum!!) and really good barfi along with whatever the kitchen had provided for morning coffee hour. After spending the last three weeks skipping the coffee and tea time snacks, I actually ate two of the samosas. So my lunch was very small. [In this picture, you might notice my stylish look -- socks and sandals. I had decided not to bring my large shoes, as we didn't expect to be here in the cold. But it was quite cool on Thursday.]

Left to right:  Sereena Pun (HR), Judy Crider, Cate Whitcomb, Lauri Wilson Coulter, Lori Osborne, Monica Roberts, Immu Uniyal. Cate and Lori were here just a few days. They are researching the history of the WCTU. They volunteer at the international centre in Chicago. The Indian WCTU was and still is one of the largest chapters.

Friday evening we were invited to Oakville for dinner with Steve and Ameeta Alter. We had a wonderful evening which included Momo and Tsering Nima, longtime friends.

Over the years, Ameeta and Steve have done lots of work on this old home (1848, I believe) to restore and update it. This year they had the foyer worked on. It is beautiful! It had been whitewashed so many times that the intricate plaster work was barely visible. It took many months of scraping to get rid of the gunk. It is a hodgepodge of Tudor rose, Greek column and Mogul-style ornamentation.

Here is a closeup of some of the work on the lower center.

Tenzing "Momo" at dinner.

Dan and Tsering at dinner. I'm embarrassed that I didn't get a shot of Steve and Ameeta! How could I have done that?

Earlier in the week I heard a commotion outside our living room window, which overlooks the elementary playground. The workers were repainting the outside of our building. I hope this picture gives you an idea of the height of the ladder. It looked very rickety to me!

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