Monday, October 10, 2016

...and Sunday Socializing

Sunday morning we were invited to Kutty and Lalitha's place (Suncliff) for a dosa breakfast. It was good to see these friends -- Lalitha has been away the whole time we've been here and Kutty was busy with other activities. Their daughter Sara was home from her college in Gurgaon for a fall break.

I loved this tiny succulent in a champagne cork that someone gave them as a gift. So tiny! And you can't see it, but the wire is bent into a loop on the back side so you could hang it up.

Yum masala dosa! The sambar was delicious, too.

Lalitha and Kutty

Sara having her Kalsang leftovers for breakfast

Four outside on the veranda 
After a relaxing Sunday afternoon, we headed over to Woodstock Villa, our first home here at Woodstock (1968-71). We've known Monica and Eric since they first came to Woodstock, before we left in 1980. Monica works in the alumni office and knows *everybody*.

Two Shaws and a friend getting the food

L to R: Isabella Shaw, Marcus Shaw, Karsten Shaw,
Monica, me, Dan, Eric
And, just to finish up, a tree by the gate that I noticed while waiting for someone to come.

Today (Monday) is our last full day. I am doing some laundry and finishing off a couple of small projects. Tuesday we leave for Delhi and Wednesday we head to Bangalore by train. I may not have another post until we are settled in Bangalore.

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