Friday, October 4, 2013

Killarney to Galway

After I posted last night, I remembered something that happened on the bus yesterday. Across the aisle from me were two older women who were in Killarney for five days attending a dance festival. They were quite personable and jolly. We passed a statue of the Wild Colonial Boy and they both burst into singing the song. It was quite wonderful. Not long after that we passed a gradual hill that had a patchwork of fields, quite beautiful. This time they sang Forty Shades of Green. Later in the day they sang Rose of Tralee for us. We didn't get the Irish Lullaby (the bus driver did that one the day before) or Molly Malone, though! Very charming. I chatted quite a bit with the woman on the aisle. She has 9 children, 18 grandchildren, and 6 greatgrandchildren. Her husband died suddenly at age 51, but he had joined his company's insurance plan that provided for the family (children ages 10 to 23 at the time). So nice to meet someone like her.

Today we left Killarney and headed for the Cliffs of Moher. This is one of Ireland's great natural sights, and indeed it was. The visitor center was wonderful, all underground. The paths out around the tops of the cliffs were high quality.

Entrance to the visitor center

View down to a small rocky beach

Stones left standing by erosion

Cliffs to the south

Tower on a point
Looking back at the tower
Path beyond the monument - upper muddy on left, lower paved on right
Following our stop at the Cliffs, we headed northeast through The Burren, a desolate area with many rocks. In the spring the wildflowers are supposed to be wonderful, but there wasn't much showing right now. There were a number of rockpiles that were formerly homes or other structures.

View of rocky hill

One of the roads we took

And now to what you've all been waiting for -- food! The first picture is our typical daily lunch, this time at the Cliffs of Moher visitor center -- two cups of tea and a shared scone. We are getting excellent breakfasts at our B&Bs and really don't want more by lunchtime.

Dinner in Galway:

Fish and chips minus chips plus double salad
Roasted vegetable quiche and salad

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