Monday, October 7, 2013

Heading South

After a very nice day in Northern Ireland, we headed south this morning. We didn't have any particular sight-seeing plans on the way, but we saw a sign for Navan Fort and its visitors' centre, so we decided to go for it. We told our GPS to go to the Fort. We ended up on a one-lane country road with no visitor center-type place nearby. But there was a lovely farm. There was a gateway marked Navan Fort, so we went in and climbed up the path. At the top of the hill was a large circular mound surrounded by an earthen wall. It is prehistoric; no one is sure exactly when it was in use. Under the grassy top there are chambers filled with stones. I have a feeling it is similar to what we are planning to see tomorrow at Newgrange and Knowth. There was no one else around and we had an idyllic little hike and a great view.

Farm below the hill

The Navan Fort

Interesting tree at the fort

Another view from the top

We continued on our way and enjoyed a stop at a service center on the M1 super highway. It was impressive -- yes, it had a Burger King and a Costa Coffee, but it also had a local cafe with excellent-appearing food. We had our usual tea and scone in a nice setting.

Our B&B is in Swords, the town north of Dublin that is near the airport. We have two nights here, giving us a leisurely end to the trip and an easy drive to the airport Wednesday morning. We went into the town for supper tonight and ended up at a local pub. The food was decent and plentiful.

Pub interior

I looked at this clock a lot and got a kick out of it -- it's not working any more

Irish stew in bread bowl

Ivy-covered wall of our B&B

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