Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Win Mumby Gym Dedication

This place really knows how to put on a gala event! Friday afternoon began with a special tea served in the Quad. The area was covered and twinkling lights were installed overhead. Many invited guests were there, along with representatives from the Mumby and Downs families. By 4:45 everyone was seated in the new gym for the dedication ceremony. Not only is it world-class, but it was constructed in record time, under budget, and with every brick and supply brought up on mules from Tehri Road. (See April posts "Noontime Walks" and "Win Mumby Gym" for more on the gym construction.) The equipment is all top-notch. The bleachers can seat over 750 people. And it was full with students, staff, and many guests. There are many more (and better) pictures and information on the Woodstock website at woodstock.ac.in. Marc Mumby, nephew of Win and Carol Mumby, has been blogging about his trip and the new gym at mmumby.wordpress.com. He has good pictures on his site, too. Following the dedication, a wonderful dinner was served in the Quad for all attendees. There were food stations for North and South Indian food, burgers and hot dogs, salads, and a variety of desserts (the lemon tarts were amazing!). Thanks to Sanjay Narang for bringing in special chefs.

Some special guests at the tea. (Amita Alter, Saroj Kapadia, Ellen Alter, Bhavanesh Kumari, Bob Alter)

The hit of the event was the Woodstock Tiger. Later in the evening he even went to the elementary school residence to tuck the youngsters into bed.

Exhausted and hot! The fan inside the head wasn't quite enough. (Darab Nagarwalla)

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