Monday, September 14, 2009

Settling In

We are staying in Uncle Tom’s Cabin, a cottage on the Edgehill Estate, which was purchased by Woodstock School last spring from Interserve. It has been sitting empty for a while but was nicely outfitted by the school’s hospitality department (thank you, Mrs. Chelvam!). It is cozy but spacious, with three bedrooms and a nice-sized kitchen and living area. We had left a number of things here – clothing, kitchen items, books, etc. Everything got unpacked and stowed away in the roomy cupboards by suppertime. [The picture isn't bad; that's monsoon mist floating around the cabin.]

It rained lightly most of the night but let up mid-morning. We headed into the bazaar to pick up some basic necessities – tomato soup mix, jam, fruit, juice, etc. I also wanted a soap dish with drainage holes. Mine is solid and the soap just melts in this kind of damp weather. Mr. Goel, whose store sells all kinds of plastic and crockery items, welcomed us back and reminded us he is now 80. Dan told him his father is almost 91, and Mr. Goel replied that after all he is 85, but he feels younger! Last spring we would often see him walking in the far end of the bazaar, so he does get around pretty well.

We are at a good location for getting to the bazaar quite quickly. We can cut down through the hospital just around the bend below us. The path that goes more directly to the top of Mullingar Hill is overgrown, narrow and full of trash. In the other direction, it’s a quick walk to Woodstock Villa, down to the road, and into the school gate.

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  1. Thanks for your posts - always interesting. I may have missed it - how long are you back in Mussooorie, and doing ?

    Wish we had a similar free parking and bus ride to the airport. That's great.

    Was the monsoon too late and too little for farmers there?


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