Tuesday, September 29, 2009


The birth of a child or grandchild is a celebratory event in India. The new parent or grandparent often provides sweets for the friends and neighbors.

My co-worker, Immu, has two daughters who are living in Australia. Immu is Ethiopian and her husband is Indian. They live at the top of Landour hill. Immu’s daughter gave birth to the first grandchild a year ago. Now she and her husband and little Tariku are here volunteering at the school in the P.E. department. Last Saturday was Tariku’s first birthday. Because Tariku was born in Australia (and Immu went there to visit during that time), she did not celebrate his birth here in India.

So on Friday we had a special tea put on by Immu, with a nice cake and freshly-made samosas. All the staff were invited. It was a lovely occasion and I have a nice picture of Immu with her grandson.

During the gym dedication on the 18th, Tariku enjoyed playing around and another staff member caught a good photo of him.

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