Thursday, March 9, 2017

Heading Home

Today (Thursday) is my last day in Korea. It's been great spending time with Anjali and Domingos. We have gotten out a lot, eaten at many different restaurants, and walked quite a few miles. It has been cold, but not bitter; it actually feels good to me after the heat of Thailand. The forecast is for very cold in Indiana!

Tuesday evening we went back to Petra, a middle-Eastern restaurant we greatly enjoyed when we were here over a year ago. It was closed last March for remodeling and is very nice inside now.

Hummus, pita, and falafel to start

Chicken kebabs

Chicken tikka curry
Wednesday Anjali and I went to Hongdae for lunch. This area is near a university and is known for its cafes and trendy scene. We went to a very small ramen restaurant. At 12:15 or so there was a line of about six people waiting to get in; it seats about 20, I would guess. The ramen was delicious.

Anjali had told me about a cafe that specializes in everything chocolate mint flavored. It was a must-try for me. The wall is painted with lots of different leaves.

We had chocolate-mint flavored hot drinks (hers with coffee, mine just with milk) and shared this cake. It was good that we had to walk afterward!

Almost every park I've seen in Seoul has fitness machines available. This particular one was in the center plaza of the street we were on.

And so I"m ready to head home. Dan will be in Thailand for another seven weeks plus one here in Korea. Thanks for following along on our travels.

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