Sunday, September 16, 2012

Saturday Outing

We decided to visit the Outer Banks of North Carolina today. It is about a two-hour drive south of Virginia Beach, so not too bad. Our first stop was at the Wright Brothers National Memorial site in Kitty Hawk. We listened to an entertaining talk by a volunteer in a room where there was an accurate reproduction of their first plane and a small glider like they used earlier. After the talk, we went out to the site where they camped and took off on their successful day, December 1903. Walking the distances they went on those four flights was interesting -- the longest was 852 feet, not far at all. Here we are in front of the rock that marks the take-off spot.

Our next stop was Manteo on Roanoke Island, the site of the Lost Colony. If you don't know the story, do check out the link. It's interesting! They had picnic tables and we ate the lunch we had brought with us.

During the summer, there is a "symphonic play" that runs six nights a week in this outdoor theater with an ocean view. Very nice.

Near the theater is an Elizabethan garden (the Lost Colony was founded during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I). We went into the gift shop but decided not to tour the garden. Just outside there were flowering bushes that had lots of butterflies. Anjali got close to photograph them.

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