Saturday, September 22, 2012

Home Again

Walking on the beach on our last day, the sky was amazing.

We left Virginia Beach on Tuesday to head for Charlottesville. On the way we stopped at the Richmond headquarters of Child Fund International, the organization through which we sponsor several children. We wanted to meet our main representative and some other people there. It happened to be a day where they had a lunchtime speaker. He was put into a CFI orphanage as a child in China; at 17 he emigrated to the US, learned English, and attended college and medical school. He is now a cardiologist in California. He had lots of slides and the pictures and stories were fascinating.

On the way to Charlottesville, we came through a heavy storm. Here it is looming ahead as we drove west on I-64.

Charlottesville was a blur of visiting -- staying with a friend, meeting people for lunch two different days, trying to squeeze in other visits. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to see everyone I would have wished to.

Friday we drove home in 11 hours. As usual, listening to audio books made the miles fly by. One we both enjoyed a lot this time was Larry McMurtry's Telegraph Days. It was laugh-out-loud funny much of the time, which was unexpected.

For more about our visit in Virginia Beach, you can read Anjali's blog at

We now have about 10 days to prepare for leaving for India on October 2. Check back here early in the month for the next round!

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