Monday, July 27, 2009

Class of 1979 Reunion

We were happy to be included in the Woodstock class of 1979 reunion held at Dale Hollow Lake in Tennessee last weekend. It was almost a 9-hour drive from home and we arrived on Friday afternoon. After checking into our cabin, we chatted with the others and soon a pontoon boat came to pick us up. Five houseboats had been rented and driven to a secluded cove, about a 15-minute boat ride from the cabin and marina area. I would guess that about half the 80-or-so people were staying on the boats. They were tied up to shore so you could get from one to the next by land. Here you can see Dan and Deirdré on top of one with several others in the background.

James had done all the food gathering and preparation and passed it out to each boat. The evening meal was ribs, burgers, hot dogs, and wings. Each boat grilled its own and those of us from shore wandered from boat to boat choosing where to eat. Very informal but it worked well. In the early evening a rainstorm came through, just as some late arrivals were arriving by pontoon boat. They came in soaking wet but happy to be there. Someone got a bonfire going on the shore.

The next morning we had breakfast food in cabin number 8, which had the largest group of those staying on land. Around 9:00 the pontoons began shuttling us out to the houseboat area again. When we arrived there were lots of swimmers in the water enjoying the clear lake. Wayne brought his speedboat from California and took many trips with waterskiers and rafters. There were lots of kids and they had a great time all around.

Again as evening approached it rained, this time with thunder and lightning. A wonderful curry dinner was warmed up and rice was cooked and we again wandered from boat to boat eating.

There were several other staff members there as well as members of other classes from 1974 to 1981. It was so enjoyable to see former students that I hadn't seen in the past 30 years as well as others that I've seen more often. A number of us left on Sunday morning due to other commitments, but I'm sure the party continued well without us. Congratulations to James and Kevin for their incredible planning and organization.

I'll begin regular posts again once we are settled back in Mussoorie in mid-September.

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