Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Landour Bazaar Then and Now - Part 2

Continuing with our trip through the bazaar, we come to one of the most-frequented-by-Woodstock shops, Ram Chander. For many years, RC sent a man around to all the hillside and staff homes every weekday morning to take orders. Whatever might be needed in the kitchen was written on his list and then delivered in the afternoon by a Nepalese coolie with a large wooden box on his back. Nowadays many people have vehicles so the delivery system isn’t needed. We thought RC carried everything we needed, but you should see it now! Black or green olives in jars, Kellogg’s cereals, and Indian-made varieties of all kinds of specialty foods. This is not the Ram Chander of your memories! You can barely read the name of the store on the sign put up by Airtel mobile phone company. The inside is quite pristine with many glass-fronted cabinets and modern shelving.

Goel Stores has been right near Ram Chander's for a long time. Old Mr. Goel is 93 and we see him walking through the bazaar every time we go. His sons are doing most of the management of the store now. You can buy all kinds of plastic items and crockery here.

Jain Cloth House is across the street from Goel and Ram Chander. They have a wide selection of yard goods.

Tomorrow we continue into Kulri.

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