Thursday, May 7, 2009

Farewell for Now Part One

Friday will be my last day working in the WS Development and Alumni Relations Office as a volunteer. It has been an interesting and enjoyable two months. All of the people here work very hard for the school and for the alumni. They are involved with students and obviously care greatly about student welfare and the future of the school.

This office produces virtually all the communications you see about Woodstock – the Quad, the Brown and Gold, the website, E-News, letters, and other items. Managing the school website,, Facebook presence, and other online information can be very time-consuming. Planning and executing the Annual Fund appeal as well as working on other fund-raising issues are very important and can also take a lot of time.

One of the pleasures of being in this department is seeing alumni visitors, who stop here first when they come back to the school. Some are now parents of students, which shows that they value what they received here. Some come frequently, others after a long time away. One former student we knew came to visit in March after 30 years. It’s a treat to watch these visitors as they remember their time here as a student.

Tomorrow: What’s Next

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