Friday, December 30, 2016

Heading Back to Chiang Mai

We are beginning our third winter in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We are feeling quite at home here now and it's nice to be recognized by some of the neighborhood people.

We spent five days in Spokane, WA, with our son Dirk and Tracy and the family. We had asked for no gifts that we would have to carry with us and they complied:  Dirk gave us each a massage, and we four went out for a dinner on Friday night that was wonderful. It was a set course dinner and we had ten (fortunately small!) courses. They were all unusual and delicious. Many games were played and we were very happy to spend time with all of them.

Looking out the back door in Spokane
Early on Wednesday morning (28th) Tracy got up and took us to the airport. We had a short flight to Seattle on Alaska Airlines. When we arrived at the checkin counter, there was a huge line as the 7:00 flight had been cancelled. Fortunately, we were on the 8:30, so checked in, got some breakfast, and headed further west. I took this picture out the plane window; I'm guessing it is probably the Columbia River.

After a comfortable several hours in the lounge, our Korean Airlines flight left for Seoul. It was about a 12-hour flight. I watched two movies (Cafe Society  and Genius) and slept for about 5 hours. We had a very tight connection in Seoul and we landed somewhat late. We hurried through the airport (fortunately only about 4 gates away) and made it on as final boarding was being called. I don't know if we were the last, but we were happy we didn't miss the flight. Then there was another delay as the heating/cooling system needed attention. But we didn't mind! I tried not to sleep and watched two more movies (Howard's End and West Side Story). The last one ended exactly as we hit the runway in Chiang Mai. It was light for much of the way and the scenery was amazing. We flew over eastern Russia and across China.

Twisty Russian River

Near Russia-China border, very desolate

Chinese city at night
Our bags all made the transfer, thankfully! The wait for a taxi at the airport was long, as usual; there never are quite enough of them. When we got to our hotel, we were happy to learn that we will be able to get into our apartment today (30th) instead of waiting until the 1st, as the previous tenant has moved out early. So just this one night in the sister hotel and we can get settled.

This evening we meet up with my daughter and her husband, who are out on a tour today.

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