Monday, September 26, 2016

Miscellaneous Photos

Saturday morning the air was beautifully clear after the rain. I got a good shot of the Doon Valley and the Siwaliks beyond.

As I walked from the Quad toward the gate, I could see the mist rolling up into the hills. (Old music building on left, now the business and principal's offices.)

In the early evening, the lowering sun was reflecting onto these clouds as I looked to the east.

The venerable Lyre Tree, which died from being covered by too much cement for too many years. It is sad, but its iconic shape is still there.

There are lovely pots of flowers all over the main campus. This one is near the gate.

On Saturday I went with a friend to the Mud Hut, a new cafe just above Mullingar. It is in the back of Claremont, which once served as a mission boarding house. It is very nicely decorated and has a small menu of drinks and delicious snacks. I had a non-veg (chicken sausage, I think) savory tart. Fab had a coconut pastry with some chocolate chips and we had an oatmeal/chocolate chip cookie. Upstairs is a small art space. We went because one of Fabi's students was having a show of her art. It was well done and she is a talented young woman.

On our way back, we saw a group of Sikh students who were dressed up and carrying instruments. Later we heard that the bazaar was extremely crowded with multiple groups marching, but we never found out what the special occasion was. (Not that it takes much to cause either a celebration in India nor a traffic jam in Mussoorie!)

For our Sunday lunch, Dan rode his scooter in to the Delhi Sweet Shop near Picture Palace. He brought back samosas, channa and a bottle of tamarind sauce. We also had dahi (yogurt).

Sunday evening we walked up the hill to visit Darab & Naz and their daughter Vanu. Redwood Cottage, the first home above the school, is undergoing renovation. In fact, it was torn completely down and is being rebuilt as a more modern two-bedroom home.


  1. Enjoyed your pics. It is getting to be the pretty season at Woodstock now! Today it felt a little like Fall, hope last week's near 90's is gone until next summer!
    Enjoy being useful there and always in one sense never having left there as you experience Woodstock in the now! Regards,
    Bill K

  2. Thanks for those lovely pictures , brings back fun memories of the clear sky after the rains . Enjoy. !


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