Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Changes in the Bazaar

Yesterday I put up a few photos from our walk between the school and Mullingar Hill. Today we visit some changes in Kulri Bazaar.

Last spring the Banaras Silk Saree House was boarded up and looked deserted. I was pleased and surprised to see it open and in business again. This has always been the best place in Mussoorie to buy good-quality silk sarees.

The Aggarwal Restaurant poori man was happy to see Dan again.

From the upper floor of Aggarwal's, we could see this mochi (shoe-repair-man) working at the side of the street. Notice how he uses his feet to hold the shoe while he works on it.

The always popular Chic Chocolate shop has a new sign.

This is a common type of modern clothing store. I don't know how so many of these places stay in business. They must rely on the tourist trade, which will pick up again now that the rains are over.

Mussoorie now has a Nirula's restaurant-cum-ice cream shop. This is across from the Domino's Pizza/Cafe Coffee Day building that used to be Kwality's Restaurant. We remember when Nirula's first opened their ice cream parlor in New Delhi, around 1979 or so. It was a good treat then and still is today. There has been one in Dehra Dun for quite a while (near the MacDonald's in Astley Hall), but this one just opened this past summer.

Along with all the new things, here is a knife-sharpener working in the street, using his bicycle pedals to spin the sharpening wheel. He holds the knives against the spinning sharpener and puts a good edge on them.

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